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  • The New York Integrated Network for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is a newly formed collaborative network comprised of the agencies you know, linked to one another in a platform designed to integrate services in the emerging model of managed care.

    As members of this non-profit organization we will focus on achieving the efficiencies of scale necessary to remain viable for the foreseeable future. We aspire to be leaders of a field in transition, offering tailored support, care and encouragement to every individual and family we serve.

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    • An Urgent Message To Families!

      With funding decisions being made by March 20 your legislators need to hear from you now. Let them know that additional funding is urgently needed for: The development of day, employment and out-of-home residential opportunities. An increase in salary and benefits for direct care staff – Direct Service Professionals. An increase in funding for Early [...]

    • The NYIN Spring Newsletter: It’s time to be heard

      March is Family Advocacy Month and NYS Budget Time. For Family Advocacy Month participating associations will meet regularly to develop and launch grassroots advocacy initiatives appropriate to the legislative calendar and will continue to do so until the final budget is determined. Join the Developmental Disabilities Councils’ 2014 Annual Legislative Events. Friday, February 28 BRONX   8:00AM [...]

    • Family Forums

      The deck posted here, available for download or printing, served to frame a series of seven NYIN family forums held last year in the city and region.

    • Growing Understanding of Managed Care

      This is an unsettling time for people who need supports and services as a result of their differences. And for those who care about them and care for them it can be deeply worrying: so much is in flux, including the system that supports people with differences, how we define ‘special needs’, how we determine [...]